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Mobile Devices

Each year new technology is introduced into our daily lives which we rely on to connect to the people around us. Reinhardt's IT department seeks to make available ways to use your technology with our systems. To connect to Reinhardt's mobile site, go to or click on icon in the left hand corner of this site. For instructions, check below for your device: students or faculty/staff


Smart Phones

To setup your Reinhardt email account on your smart phone, you will need the Outlook Live server names for POP, IMAP, and SMTP , as well as the port numbers. Once logged in, go to 'About' on the right side of the Inbox.


Scroll down until you see the entries for External POP, External IMAP and External SMTP. In the sample below, the server names for all three are all "". 

Email Settings

Note: Outlook Live does not use the "standard" port numbers for SMTP, POP, and IMAP. When you are setting up the account on your phone, it probably will have the standard port numbers listed. You will need to change your phone/software to use the port numbers listed on the About screen. The standard port numbers are: 25 for SMTP, 110 for POP, and 143 for IMAP.


Below are settings to setup your GroupWise account on your mobile device.

Smart Phones

Protocol: IMAP
IMAP server:
security type: none
port: 143
username: (groupwise initials)
password: (groupwise password)
Login required
username: (groupwise initials)
password: (groupwise password)
SMTP server:
security type: none
server port: 25


In the iPad Settings app, choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
On the "Mail Contacts, Calendars" page, under "Accounts", choose "Add Account..."
On the "Add Account..." page, choose "Other" down at the bottom
On the "Other" page, under "Mail", choose "Add Mail Account"
That will pop-up a "New Account" box. 
    In "Name", put in whatever you want (ie - the person's name - David Doster)
    in "Address", put their email address -
    in "Password", put their Groupwise password
    you can leave Description empty
    Click "Next" at the top right. 
It will briefly show "Looking up account",  then will open the "New Account" box.
Leave the top 3 boxes alone.
Under "Incoming Mail Server":
    In "Host Name", put ""
    In "User Name", put their username only (without the "" part)
    Password should already be filled it from the "New Account" box.  If you are worried, you can re-enter the password.
Under "Outgoing Mail Server", put in the same stuff you did for Incoming, including the User Name and Password, even though it says they are optional
Click "Next" in the top right.
It will pause for 10-20 seconds, then you will get a message saying "Cannot Connect Using SSL".  Click Yes
You will get another 10-20 second pause, then another "Cannot Connect Using SSL" message, click Yes here too.
(I think the long pauses are where the iPad is trying to connect using SSL, and since we don't use SSL, it is having to wait for the
TCP connection to timeout)
At this point, you should be at the "IMAP" screen.  CLick "Save".