The Funk Heritage Center on the campus of Reinhardt University showcases the local history of Native Americans (Creek and Cherokee) and of early settlers.

Trail of Tears SignWelcome to the Funk Heritage Center

The Funk Heritage Center is a certified a National Park Service Trail of Tears interpretive center. Click here to visit the Hall of the Ancients to read more about our Trail of Tears exhibit.

Author William Rawlings will present a lecture followed by a book signing at the Fun Heritage Center on May 19 at 2 p.m. His most recent book, A Killing on Ring Jay Bluff: The Great Recession and Death of Small Town Georgia, is a true story about greed, deception, lust and murder. It is set amidst the backstory of a failing way of life that would forever change the demographic and social makeup of the Georgia. With the crash of the cotton economy in the post-World War I era, the state fell a decade earlier into what would later be known as The Great Depression. Admission is $10, please make reservations by calling 770-720-5967.

We are located at the Reinhardt University campus in Waleska, Georgia.

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